"Girls" and purses. Buying Trendy Fashion?

Have you noticed lately that purse selections have diversified? Purses are evolving. Likely due to the emergence of cell phones, and must have personal gadgets. As a international Purse shopper, I see the evolution daily. This blog is about buying the right purse to meet your wants, and needs, without busting your budget.

My clients rarely have me standing in the return lines at stores, why?

First consideration should be the purse's use. The What, Wear, Why, and Budget.

What? What is your use for a new purse? Will it be your work companion, or is it for travel? perhaps you need a party, or shopping purse.

Wear? What clothing will you be wearing most? Check out your wardrobe and then choose the purse that looks best with what you will wear with it.

Why? Is this purchase out of "need" or "greed" Buying on impulse "greed" rarely gives you the satisfaction of a "need" buy. Thoughtful purchases get used more.

Budget? Budget often determine what designer, or brand you will be purchasing. Hint, save by waiting for the big sale.

Michael Kors, Coach, B.Pearl, Kate Spade, and most brands that sell in Malls,

or online discount purse models after a few months of being out. If you are on a tighter budget wait for the purse you want to go on sale. Outlets offer big discounts, and often lower prices. My last outlet purse cost over $100 less than the purse retail price. I know, that's crazy!!! Not only that, it was a purse I thought of buying (at a much higher price) a few months earlier. If you can wait, you can save. Good luck, and happy shopping girls.

P.S. If you see a purse that clicks all your needs, and wants, and fits in your budget, it's OK to pay the asking price. Just saying.

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By B.Pearl Purses

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